My form in project three was focused on expressing the emotion “joy”.   The communication of the emotion was more specifically aimed to project the feeling of comfortability.  The final form was well-balanced through the use of simple curves, angles and contrast in tone.  The subtle ergonomic shape allows the user to instinctly pick up the remote like form and interact with the integrated button. I chose to use inviting materials such as leather and cedar wood which both relate to the warm comforts of a nice home with the addition of plaster to add a light, clean finish. I chose not to overpower the form with intimidating acoustics and used a quieter higher pitched sound similar to bells as a positive sensory experience.  In reflection I believe this was the most challenging project this year, I learnt that my design needs to be completely planned out, every single part needs to be thought for and carefully considered, I can’t just hope it will all fit in somehow.  Also patience; if I put in the time my design will resolve and I will be much more pleased with the end result!

Thank you all for the year.